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Station Monitoring Device S200

Station monitoring device S200 can be applied to GSM base station operating, entry/exit control, fuel consumption monitoring, temperature and humidity monitoring, operating condition management, and planning and responding to workplace emergency. The monitoring device has 6 digital signal output ports, 11digital signal input ports, 4 analogue signal output ports, 3 RS485 ports, and 2 RS232 ports allowing for easy secondary development.

1. The station monitoring device features low power consumption. The automated restoration system offers real-time protection against short circuit and high voltage. A wide input voltage range is available.
2. Real time working status data of gensets can be uploaded for use.
3. The monitoring machine is able to remotely turn on and off the gensets.
4. Photos from the operating scene of gensets can be obtained and stored.
5. The alarm will go off when abnormal fuel level and pressure occur.
6. The device is supportive of multi-language SMS alarm.
7. It adopts SD card data storage.
8. The monitoring device also features over-the-time management.


Type Description
Basic functionsTransmission modeTCP/SMS
Data uploadTime interval
OTA Breakpoint transmission
Type of alarmsSMS/GPRS
Supportive of multi-language SMS alarm
SD card data storage
Picture data storage
Geo fence alert
SD card storage
Blind area data supplementary uploading/history data intelligent uploading
Automatic self-check ,self-recovery, self-protection
Alarm types More than 10 kinds of alarms
Fuel level abnormal alarm, temperature and humidity abnormal alarm, backup battery alarm, low/high voltage alarm, illegal entering alarm, SD card capacity alarm, gensets fuel level and pressure level abnormal alarm
External devices RS 485 Fuel level sensor
Temperature humidity sensor
RS 485 camera
RFID device
Control panel of gensets
Control functionsRemotely turn on /off the gensets, user defined 5 signal output ports
Control functions I/O ports6 digital signal output ports
11digital signal input ports(Low battery triggered)
4 analogue signal output in range of 0-5V, one of the ports is in range of 0-70V for checking the back up voltage
3 RS485 ports
2 RS232 ports
2 I2C ports
2 programmable ports(I/O,A/D)
Parameters Size (L×W×H)176×116×44mm
working temperature-25-70℃
Weight 450g (with standard accessories)
Working voltage8-35V
GSM850/900/1800/1900 MHz
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