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GPS Tracking Software for Android

The GPS tracking software for Android is specially designed by our company for convenient and rapid on-line tracking of the tracker, helping users check the status of their vehicle easily. This GPS tracking system is a good helper for mobile asset management.

Installation of the GPS Tracking Software for Android
1. Working Environment

The installation of the fleet tracking software requires Android 2.2 or the upgraded system. The working condition with the configuration of Android 2.1 and the low-level versions hasn’t been tested.

2. Installation Instruction of GPS Tracking Software
a. Download the APK to the SD card.
b. Search the APK downloaded in the mobilephone resource manager, and install APK. The existing APK will be replaced directly.
c. Download APK on computer. If the mobilephone management software such as 91 has been installed, the APK can be installed automatically by double click. If not, users can download the management software from internet.

Note: The mobilephone management software is quite important for smartphones. It supports software installation, software searching, as well as the operations such as rubbish cleaning, system reinstallation, and so on.

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