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Suggested Configuration
The monitor fuel consumption solution's primary parts and components consistof a GPS terminal to monitor multiple channels oil level, a high precision capacity fuel sensor which can be disconnected, real-time monitoring and management software, etc.

1. The monitor fuel consumption solution can provide solutions for the following problems:
a. The reed pipe sensor has poor precision and adhesion.
b. The sensor cannot be disconnected on site.
c. The monitoring of the oil level is out of control.
d.Difficulty in obtaining evidence of oil stealing or a forged oiling invoice.
e.The working condition report of the driver is not reliable.
f. The statistic analysis management report is incomplete.
g. Some driver benefit analysis reports are lost.

1.The intelligent main machine can simultaneously process the oil level signal of nine channels
2.The oil level sensor uses the capacity principle. It features high precision and good resolution
You can set the alarm parameter for every oil tank independentlyThe fuel sensor can be disconnected to make it match with the oil tank
Oil level analysis curve
Oil level analysis report
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