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  • Client/Server Software System JT1000CS The client server tracking software has many applications.  It can be used for vehicle monitoring and management, logistics fleet management, taxi group dispatching and management, refrigerated truck temperature monitoring, bus management..
  • Browser/Server Software System JT1000BS The browser server tracking software features real-time tracking and history route playback.  It has a real-time alarm and an operation information display.
    The browser server tracking software has real-time photographing and an oil level display...
  • GPS Tracking Software for Android The GPS tracking software for Android is specially designed by our company for convenient and rapid on-line tracking of the tracker, helping users check the status of their vehicle easily. This GPS tracking system is a good helper for mobile asset management.

With six years of experience in designing and manufacturing tracking software, Joint provides customers with client server tracking software and browser server tracking software that supports six languages. The stability of our tracking software has passed strict tests. Joint GPS tracking software has the advantages of scientific system capacity, address resolution protocol and data base structural optimization. Our oil level monitoring system, which we developed independently, is highly praised and favored by our customers all over the world in terms of precision, statement analysis, curve analysis and unusual condition solutions. Our platform system has reached the international advanced level. Joint offers complete solutions according to the different needs of each of our customers.

Other Products
  • Portable GPS Tracker JT600The portable GPS Tracker JT600 features TCP/UDP/SMS communication and six working modes.
    The portable GPS ...
  • Voltage Output Fuel SensorVoltage output fuel sensor applies mainly to oil level detection. It has the advantages of easy and simple installation and high precision. The length of the ...
  • CameraOur camera is used for images collection, environment monitoring, armamentarium, burglary prevention, vehicle monitoring...

JOINT is a major supplier of GPS tracking software, based in China. We offer various products such as GPS tracking software, fuel sensors, vehicle GPS trackers, etc. Our high quality products are competitively priced. We can supply the full chain of manufacturing portable GPS trackers and radio frequency identification right here in China. Our lower manufacturing cost can save your purchasing cost. More details on each of our products are shown on the description page.