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JT700 is a GPS tracker for management and tracking of mobile assets, it features of water proof, low power consumption, large capacity battery, and easy installation. It has functions of double positioning, open door alarm, and tamperproof alarm. This GPS tracker is used for remote monitoring of container, trailer, train, mobile assets, and cargo transportation.


Type Description
Basic function Real time tracing, timing tracking
Support multi-moment upload
Store 1000pcs of datum
GPS/LBS double positioning
Low power consumption
Time lag setting
Remote restart
Remote parameter configuration query
IP67 rating
Alarm Tamperproof alarm
Local alarm
Open and close door alarm
Parameter Size 185x70x47 (mm)
Weight 800g
Material Plastic
Working temperature -20°C -- +60 °C
Standard battery 10000mAh rechargeable, 20000mAh non- rechargeable
IP rating IP67
Working current <90mA
Standby current <0.1mA
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