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Vehicle GPS Tracker GP6000

GP6000 is an advanced GPS/GSM/GPRS vehicle tracking device, which can fully satisfy the complicated needs of mobile asset management, it can support 3 different sensors at the same time, which enable the unit to suit customer's advanced application requirements.

1. The vehicle GPS tracker GP6000 has TCP/UDP/SMS communication. It features intelligent time management and four power save modes.
2. Real-time tracking including time, distance interval, or intelligent mode is available with the vehicle GPS tracker GP6000.
3. The vehicle GPS tracker GP6000 features data security: 360 pieces GPRS blind area data report in cache and 43200 pieces of history data in Flash.
4. The vehicle GPS tracker GP6000 can realize the regional set of multilateral regions and the speed limit for 100 roads.
5. The vehicle GPS tracker GP6000 has a GPS antenna open circuit and short circuit detection. It has long distance monitoring or two-way calling.
6. The vehicle GPS tracker GP6000 has terminal self checking, self recovery, self protection and build-in battery.
7. The vehicle GPS tracker GP6000 has many types of alarms: Enter/out fencing, overtime parking, fatigue driving, over speed, SOS, backup battery starting, illegal ignition, emergency brake, neutral sliding, terminal restarting, abnormal oil level, safety belt unfastening, etc.
8. The vehicle GPS tracker GP6000 has three RS232 serial ports and can be equipped with the following external accessories: fuel sensor, MDT, camera, RFID reader, numeral keyboard, scanner, temperature probe, tire pressure sensor and active RFID.
9. The vehicle GPS tracker GP6000 features a 6-channel digital inputs and 5-channel digital outputs.

Our vehicle GPS tracker GP6000 has many applications. It is used in fleet management, logistics fleet monitoring and management, refrigeration fleet temperature monitoring and management, bus safety monitoring and management and for taxi group dispatching and management, etc.

Technical Specifications

Dimension (L×W×H) 121×82×29mm
Weight 820g (including standard accessories)
Working Current 60-100mA
Working Voltage 10-30V
Backup Battery 8.4V 400mAh NI-MH battery
GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz

Packaging size of the vehicle GPS tracker GP6000 is264X221X90 mm (L×W×H).

The warranty period of our vehicle GPS tracker GP6000 is one year. Our professional technicians will provide technical support, system integration and program

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